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We know the right people and the best crew to your project: Camera oprators, Camera asssistants, Gaffers, Electricians, Rigging & Road crew, Sound engineers.


All-round light service from movie to tv shows with all-round experience and professional equipments.


Even you need werk photos or you have special request we can get you the right photographer...

Special equipment

We know the right experts and specialists to get you the perfect solution: SNG truck, diving equipment, octocopter etc...


We know the rental houses and specialized retailers to get you anything you need for your shooting at the best price: Wide spread of cameras, Special cameras, (action cams, candid cameras), On Board cameras.


We can get you the suitable locations and the proper permissions.


From the airport to your hotel and to the scene and back.

Art director

You imagine it we will accomplish it.

Catering, even for special diets

We don't like to work with empty stomach so we suppose to think it is the same with your crew. We know the best places in Hungary from catering services for special diets to restaurants and coffee shops.

Stylist, hair & make-up

Beauty or scars as you wish.

our works

Our staff participated in several regional and international campaing and production.




About us

RLB is full services production agency.

The burden of organization activities will be taken from your shoulder by us – enable you to focus only and fully to your project.

For us there are no big or small clients we handle every of our client according to their need.

Overall project management: airport transfer, transportation, organization of staff movement, equipents and lightening, organization, coordination, fulfilment of special demands (i.e. shooting/filming underwater, drone, SFX, stuntman etc.).


7/24 hours availability.

Regional and international experience.

We know what are your requirements from a production company – this is our profession.



László Krasznai

special equipment manager

Basicly I am spending my time learning and doing camera and light rigs for years.

Nothing can be more exciting for me like the following sentence: “can we?”

Let’s see… Of course we can! Whether it is a Dslr or an Arrimax.

Whatever is your request, even to find the proper equipment to shoot, I am always gladly look on it as a challenge. There are never problems just issues what we try to solve it with maximum patience.


Barbara Monyók

production manager

I have been working in the television business for five years now. I have produced oversea shootings, live broadcasting and domestic productions. At the same time I have been working in commercial shootings too. I have extensive and strong connections based on good working experiences and mutual trust.


Richárd Drágus

managing director

As a communication advisor I have spent many years with simplifying complex things.

15 years working at agencies or as a freelance advisor was enough time to deeply understand what is the “clients demand” from a production company. Working for several multinational companies, NGO’s and for the governmental sector the most important I have learnt that there is no problems, only challenges to solve.

That is our professional creed.

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